Edison Invented the light bulb, we invented a new way to pay for it...
Lighting upgrades to LED technology and lighting controls are the simplest and fastest way to save energy and money. Lighting upgrades are the lowest-hanging fruit for sustainability and/or energy management goals. Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is the new buzzword in the lighting industry. LaaS is an innovative mechanism that allows organizations to upgrade their lights for no upfront cost and no risk.

We pay for the audit, materials, and installation, you get the rebate and/or incentive (if there is one), and we share energy savings for three to 10 years. Additionally, we’ll maintain your new lighting system for the length of our agreement.

At the most basic level, Lighting as a Service is an innovative service agreement. As a service agreement, Lighting as a Service is eligible for off-balance sheet treatment, which means you can upgrade your lights to LED technology for no impact to your financial statements.

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