People from different worlds working towards a better world.


Senior Leadership

lumeo started as the brainchild of an enterprising former Fortune 500 Energy Manager and two visionary and accomplished electricians who believe there is a better way to implement energy projects. Since our beginning in 2012, we’ve grown to include a team of engineers, educators, trade professionals, and energy managers.



Owen Barrett

Owen Barrett has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management. Before devoting his work fulltime to lumeo, Owen was an Energy Manager for a Fortune 500 company and implemented a portfolio of initiatives that continue to save $3 million annually. When he’s not helping organizations save money and energy, Owen spends his free time surfing and climbing




Travis Nixon

Travis Nixon, LC, is a 4th generation design/build electrical contractor and a Nationally Accredited Lighting Design Professional. Travis has 22 years of experience in the electrical construction industries across all sectors, including 11 years designing energy-efficient lighting and lighting-control systems.


Earl Mohler

Earl Mohler is a 2nd generation design/build electrical and solar contractor. Earl possesses over a decade of experience in all sectors of the electrical industry and is an expert designer of energy-efficient lighting systems. A skilled troubleshooter and problem solver, Earl is also an unparalleled manager of both personnel and resources.